Clubs and Bars

Live Music
Here are my six essential components for an unforgettable event.
  1. Consultation
    I suggest we get together once or twice to discuss likes and dislikes and to talk about a music direction.

  2. Sound
    I provide a state of the art sound system, that imparts a pulse and soulful sound to the audience.

  3. Percussion
    I play and encourage the audience to join in on a percussion kit comprising of bongos, timbales, cowbell, maracas and tambourines. This makes for great interactivity in the room.

  4. Lighting
    The atmosphere is enhanced with subtle lighting if required.

  5. Liaison
    I like to liase with the venue before the event to discuss access, set up times and sound requirments to ensure your event runs smoothly.

  6. Preparation & Experience
    After putting your tunes together the event will really come to life. What to play, what to leave out. Timing and feel are important.

Pacing the show and leaving the guests on a high means your very special day will be warmly remembered for years to come.