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Manny's Music creates groovy music for Bars, Cafes and Retail Fashion Houses on CD. Full track listings can be found in Manny's Shopping Cart

The style of music centers around soulful vocals, infectious beats, diverse rythymns and engaging hooklines. Usually the music swings laterally although some is vertically integrated.

"I look for something going on, evolving, developing within a tune. The styles I like are Soul, Funk, Latin, Jazz and Modern Vocal house".

These compilations are licensed for Australian distribution only.
They are available only to commercial premises and not to the general public.

Funky Soul Brothers is a testament to some classic contemporary soul voices. The first part of the cd is placed against a background of sweet house music in cruise control.
From track 7 my signiture diversion kicks in introducing a soca beat,a latin feel, jazzy instrumentals and finally a chilled out deep black vocal.
It's really a celebration of love and music. Very uplifting and positive.
Check it out.

This is the first CD I did, and it just clicked into place. Some classic female vocals with a genuine R & B feel and a funky backbeat. Some real gems from 96 appear here as well. Has been sold out but has now been re-released and re-mastered with 3 bonus tracks.

After a few requests to do another Divas I came up with this one. Not as funky as the first one, it was definitely more sultry and tinged with jazzy vibes. I've kept to the previous format of throwing in some Latin lines. The most laid back of all my Cd's. Some powerful lyrics and sounds here.

Is an international melting pot of sauces and flavours from the middle eastern sounds of Natacha Atlas and Bic Runga to the mediterreanean emotions of Anna Vissi to the sexy and breathy strains of Bridget Bardot. The rest of the album is a bookend of electro-contemorary soul and the classically cool ebony tones of Nina Simone and Cassandra Wilson. Just put it on and chill!

Funky London Junction was inspired by the band in late 1997. The CD has a charm from its own incongruity which has enabled it to become a bit of a cult hero. It's an interesting mix of rare groove, contemporary Latin and Lounge. Has a wide appeal.

As the subtitle suggests this CD contains some unguarded happy snaps of Oz-Funk between 1975-1996. A few tracks that made me smile and I'm sure you'll love them too.

Space Junk 2001 aims to take the listener on a cinemascopic space trip. From the funky early cuts, to the wierd Executive Party, the moody Required Dreams, the brooding Blue Skies, the suprise of CHILDREN OF THE GHETTO to the complex etherial textures, it's a chill out album that will really put you at ease. Enjoy it! Released OCT 2001

Some various themes of love. Some infectious feels early that transform to a lighter palette of acid jazz, drum & bass flavours like the vibraphone on Heavy Vibes, chill's right out with a Groove Armada classic.

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South Yarra 3141
PHONE : 03 9527 1166
MOBILE : 0413 138 096